Spiritual Tantra Sexuality

Spiritual Tantra Sexuality

Curriculum Level 2

Level 2 brings to you all fundamental definitions and core methodologies of sexual Tantra not included in Level 1. You will learn the skills necessary to become a true tantric man or a woman. The study of Tantra is expanded here to a higher level of understanding and accomplishment.

Ignite your theoretical understanding of the ageless, powerful path of Tantra and begin a solid practice with clear fundamentals that illuminate tantric sexuality. Our Spiritual Tantra Sexuality covers the significance of the sexual energy from an evolutionary standpoint, and its conservation and cultivation for personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Participants will study the tantric principles of sexuality and how to develop them through an understanding of tantric techniques such as sublimation, retention, transfiguration, and more.

Level 2 highlights include:

  • What is spiritual sexuality and how to use energy during lovemaking
  • How to reach new levels in your sexual experiences
  • 7 different female orgasms explained
  • The distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men
  • How can men and women achieve together multiple orgasms
  • What is sexual continence and how can it be achieved
  • Understanding curves of pleasure and polarity in love
  • Transmutation and sublimation practices

This journey from ABCs to sophisticated tantric know-how is for anyone who wants to learn the sexual secrets of the ages and discover the real key to spiritual ecstasy….

You will explore the mystery of spiritual eroticism and transform your lovemaking into a life-changing, liberating spiritual experience!



Level 2 is offered in a workshop or residential retreat format. Check the details of a specific course. The teachings include many lectures combined with practical discussions and exercises. 


What’s the difference between this workshop and the Tantric Massage Art of Touch?

This workshop represents the ideal starting point for those interested in learning about sexual Tantra. Without an understanding of the fundamental definitions, energetics, and methodologies, one’s practice – either alone or in a couple – may be misdirected and ineffective. This course is, therefore, recommended as the first introduction in an expansive tantric repertoire. The Tantric Massage Art of Touch  course focuses specifically on massage, healing, and the broad range of energetic and practical results of touch.

Does this workshop involve nudity?

If taught in a residential setup then yes, this course does involve some aspects of nudity and erotic elements in rituals. However, every participant will need to recognise their own limits of comfort and those limits will be respected. If this course is offered in a workshop format, no nudity of any kind is involved. Please see the specific event info for details.

Is this workshop only for couples?

This workshop is open to singles and couples. An effort will be made to accept an equal number of men and women. But note that participants will be encouraged to pair up with different partners during exercises in order to experience energetic exchange with a variety of individuals.

Can I work only with my own partner?

Partners in a couple may work exclusively together; no one will be forced to change partners. That said, being open-minded about working with other partners, slightly outside your comfort zone, is highly recommended for expanding your knowledge of and practice with energy.

Is there any special dress code?

Please plan to attend wearing comfortable clothing that allows your full range of movement. In addition, Hatha Yoga sessions will be held during the workshop, so you may wish to bring a change of clothing specifically for the Yoga practice.

Tantra love of relationships

How does the sexual energy contribute to our success in life?

  • “I got a lot of new knowledge on how to live a more fulfilling life, and how to apply ancient knowledge in modern world.”

    Liina, Estonia
  • „I feel enlightened and open-minded to the unknown. The last Shiva- Shakti meditation opened me and my partner to a very deep and pleasurable experience“

  • „This workshop helped me a lot. It strengthened my ability to approach sex without withdrawal and helped me along with understanding the meaning of love relationsfrom a spiritual point of view, which is so important for me“

  • "I am very satisfied with the course. The most memorable moment was the trasnfiguration meditation, as I didn’t expect to see something so strange and amazing in my partner’s eyes. I learnt a lot, mainly how to sublime energy from lower chakras to higher ones and how to use this sexual energy successfully in other areas in life. I am very happy that I received guidance and concrete techniques on how to begin my tantric journey."

  • "It was interesting tapping into other people’s energy. Knowledge about a woman’s orgasm was the most surprising for me. The course helped me a lot in getting to know myself better, and the reasons for different behaviour patterns for men and women became clearer.Huvitav oli teise inimese energia tunnetamine. Üllatav oli teadasaamine naise orgasmi kohta. Aitas ennast paremini tundma õppida ning sain rohkem selgemaks, miks naised ja mehed erinevalt käituvad."


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