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The Yoga of Lucid Dreaming – How to Develop Awareness in Dreams

24 April 2017, from 20.00 to 22.00
Sofia, Bulgaria

(This is a Curriculum Additional Teachings course)

Have you ever wondered what happens in your mind when you go to sleep at night? Is it possible to learn how to keep our consciousness alive at this time and to control the world of our dreams for our benefit and spiritual evolution?

Tibetan and Indian yogis have studied, practiced, and meditated on these questions for centuries and have discovered different techniques to obtain these capabilities, which can also be applied to maintain lucidity at the moment of death. These methods are available to anyone who is motivated to explore them.

Topics of the evening

  • What is the dream state actually
  • How to bring your conscious mind into the magical dream world
  • What can the dream world be used for
  • What is the purpose of lucid dreaming from the yogic perspective

This satsang is given by our advanced teacher Dharmananda.

The evening event will last up to 2 hours, from 20.00 to 22.00 (24 April 2017). Please arrive a few minutes before the beginning. There is no need to bring anything with you. The satsang is conducted in English language.

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Also join the 3-days Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course with Dharmananda in Sofia 21-23 April 2017.


Divali Yoga Center
Bul. Vitosha 91
Sofia, Bulgaria
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