The Truth About Tantric Relationships

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The Truth About Tantric Relationships

When people think of a ‘Tantric relationship’, the first thing that often comes to mind is something erotic or sensual. It is not an entirely wrong connection to make, but there is much more to it.

What truly makes a Tantric relationship and how should one begin this road?

A Tantric relationship is a journey

The aim of Tantric relationships is ultimately the spiritual evolution of both partners. Such a partnership is therefore devoted to development and maturation on a spiritual level. But what does that exactly mean?

  • First and foremost, both partners have to have the desire to develop their relationship as individuals and as a couple.
  • Learning about Tantra as a whole is crucial – there must be a mutual interest of digging deeper into the authentic teachings with a common and shared goal.
  • Applying Tantric teachings is required – practicing these regularly, solo and together, as well as taking everyday steps towards evolution through Yoga and meditation.

To become a genuine Tantric couple, a devotional attitude is necessary – you should be willing to devote yourself to your personal evolution and the spiritual growth of the partnership coupled with a pledge to the path and teachings. Authentic Tantric relationships require more than just a simple title or label but instead a commitment to become practitioners of Tantra whereby you live and breathe the teachings in life and in love. It is here that this path can be extraordinarily rewarding.

What about love and sexuality?

Stereotypically, Tantric relationships involves polyamorous love and sexual liberty. While there is nothing wrong with that, this is not a prerequisite for cultivating a Tantric relationship. There is exploration of sexuality within the Tantric teachings, but all that is required are two consenting partners and a willingness to see the broader perspective.

Where the real ‘magic’ of Tantric relationships lies is true love. In a society where jealousy is revered, encouraged and even acceptable, Tantra teaches us that this is actually the opposite of  love and in fact an impurity at the level of the mind. Imagine being free from insecurities and external effects affecting your relationship as well as loving your partner unconditionally for the rest of your life.

There is a Lot More to a Tantric Relationship Than You Think

The cornerstone of true Tantric relationships is true love and Tantra can take you there. It is not something that is immediately acquired but with practice and dedication you will discover unconditionality in life and in love, for yourself and your partner. You will build your love muscle until you realize love is your natural state.



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Liisa Maimon
Liisa Maimon
Liisa is an experienced Tantra and Yoga teacher of Somananda Tantra School. She is inspired by the life changing power of these spiritual teachings and passes them on with great enthusiasm and love.
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